Photo Tips and Policies

Photo Tips

For house platters, send 1-5 clear photos to Camrock Clay Works (preferably not Polaroids) or email digital photos to We suggest you take the photographs on a slight angle. Generally, a photo where the front door is the focal point and the garage doors are less predominant looks best. Please include additional photos to show detail when possible. Hardcopy photos will be returned with the product.


When including the family name on a platter such as "The Millers", the name is plural, not possessive and therefore does not use an apostrophe. When pluralizing names that end in "y" or "s" it is actually proper to use an "ies" or "es". If you are not comfortable with how this looks, such as Meyers becomes Meyerses, then a good option is to use "The Meyers Family" or "The Meyers Home". You can also choose to use the address or town.

Customer Property

Photographs or other art work will be returned with the platter. All art work, photographs and other property are held at the customer's risk, and Camrock Clay Works assumes no responsibility for loss or damage, no matter what the cause. The customer shall insure customer property of extraordinary value.

Return Policy

CRCW guarantees customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the workmanship, you may return the platter to us. The purchase price less the shipping and handling charge will be refunded. The return must be made within 30 days of receipt of the platter. If a personalization is misspelled as a result of our error, the piece will be replaced at no charge. For a replacement, you may call our customer service department directly at 608-423-4748. If you provide incorrect personalization we will not make a refund.

Order by Mail

If you prefer to order by mail or pay with check, please print and fill out this order form and send it with payment and photos (if applicable) to:
Camrock Clay Works
329 Benton Street
Cambridge, WI 53523